First came apples, then came cider.

And pears. Pears are good too.

Hello and welcome to our little corner of cider heaven. Here at The Cider Orchard we’re on a mission to bring Great British Ciders to the Great British public.

We like to think of ourselves as pioneers; bringing cider makers and enthusiasts together for the  first time in a virtual community where makers can sell and enthusiasts can try. We’re also explorers; scouring the nation to find the small, local and passionate cider makers in order toCider crate bring their own, unique brew to the masses.

At The Cider Orchard you’ll find news, reviews and regular showcases of our latest cider discoveries available to buy from the comfort of your own home.

So, if you get jumpy over scrumpy or merry over perry, The Cider Orchard has something that promises to tickle your fancy all year round. You can say hi! to us at


What’s so special about cider?

Cider has been brewed on our fair shores for thousands of years and for many rural communities cider making is the beating heart of local life. For centuries it’s played an important role providing refreshment, enjoyment and a source of income. Cider is the farmer’s elixir and for many others it’s quite simply a way of life.

In the 17th and 18th century, posh people started drinking it too, even the Royal family, and cider became the most common drink overtaking ale. More recently, cider has risen in popularity among younger drinkers and festival-goers, becoming synonymous with long summer days and good times shared with friends.


A cider a day keeps the doctor away!

OK so this is not entirely true, BUT apples have been shown to be high in natural anti-oxidants which can protect the body against ‘free radicals’. Modern cider making methods can ensure these anti-oxidants remain unchanged and available in the final product.

As always, we heed the advice of the Cider Man…‘With great cider comes great responsibility. Drink responsibly.’


Meet the Ciderman picture“I’m just an ordinary bloke that likes cider” – Lee a.k.a the Cider Man, enjoying cider since 1997

I first stumbled upon cider when my friends were drinking lager which to me tasted like dishwater. I’ve always had a sweet tooth, so when I tasted cider for the first time it was like drinking a sweet and refreshing nectar – the perfect alternative to dishwater.

Naturally I love the taste of cider; that fresh, crisp and clean taste with the added sweetness I’m so partial to. I do sometimes delve into dry cider but add a little blackcurrant to sweeten it. For me, there’s nothing better than a pint after work in a garden on a hot day surrounded by family and friends.

My passion for cider is more than just the pure enjoyment of drinking it and I’m fascinated by the thriving cottage industry that exists to this day. I want to discover small regional producers with their own unique ciders and bring these interesting and delicious brews to the good people of Britain.

The Cider Orchard is about appreciation, discovery and enjoyment – your little (virtual) corner of cider heaven.

Remember, happiness is in-cider all of us!


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